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Mrs.Tharsinithevy Kirupananthan

Mrs.Tharsinithevy Kirupananthan
B.Sc (EUSL), M.Sc (CMU)
Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Economics
Department of Agricultural Economics
Faculty of Agriculture
Telephone: +94 774019797
Fax: +94 65 2240740


 I have studied at Vipulananda Central College Karaitivu. Graduated in May 2005 at Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka with the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Completed two years Master Degree programme with one-year research at Chiang Mai University, Thailand in June 2009 under the Thailand International Cooperation Agency and Colombo Plan Scholarship scheme.


Published as full papers:

  1. T. Kirupananthan (2018) Accepted paper on “Opportunity cost of Producing Sugarcane, Sweet Orange and Soybean in Sri Lankan Context: An Economic Analysis” for 20th International Conference on Agricultural Economics and Rural Policies on October, 15-16, 2018 at London, United Kingdom
  2. T. Kirupananthan, E.Benchaphun (2017) Relationship between Livelihood Assets and Economic Security of Poor Rural Households in Ampara District, Sri Lanka, Proceedings of 7th Annual International Conference Qualitative and Quantitative Economics Research (QQE 2017) Singapore published and organized by Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF)
  3. T. Kirupananthan (2016) Assessment of the Entrepreneurial Trends of Agricultural Undergraduates: A study at Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, Proceedings of 6th Annual International Research Conference 2016 organized by Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
  4. T. Kirupananthan (2016) Electricity and water consumption pattern with income level at households in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka Proceedings of the 1st International Research Conference (TRInCo 2016) Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka 
  5. Tharsinithevy., K. Sivarajah, P. 2011. Gender Aspects of Dairying in Eastern Province Sri Lanka, International Conference on Building Resilience, Kandalama, Sri Lanka
  6. Tharsinithevy, K and Sivarajah, P. 2009 “Livelihood Aspects of Rural Households in Samurdhi Programme, Ampara District, Sri Lanka” for Annual Research Session 2009, Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  7. Tharsinithevy, V and Benchaphun, E. 2009. Assessment of economic security of rural poor households in Ampara District Sri Lanka. appeared in proceedings of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Published in Extended abstract form:

  1. T. Kirupananthan (2016) Consumption Pattern of Protein Sources in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka: A Household Level Analysis Proceedings of the 2nd National Symposium on Agriculture - 2016 – EUSL
  2. S.Thileepkumar and T.Kirupananthan (2015) Impact of Market Orientation on Production Performance of small scale Agro Industries in Batticaloa district, Sri Lanka Proceedings of the National Symposium on Agriculture - 2015 - EUSL
  3. K.Kunakeerthan and T.Kirupananthan (2015) Knowledge responses of paddy farmers about pesticide usage in Eravur Pattu D.S division in Batticaloa district Proceedings of the National Symposium on Agriculture - 2015 – EUSL

Published in abstract form:

  1. T. Kirupananthan (2017) Labour use pattern and cost of production in Soybean cultivation in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka, Vavuniya Campus International Research Session (VCIRS 2017) Vavuniya Campus
  2. S. Shivashangar and T. Kirupananthan (2017) Biomass Energy Production in Northern Province, Sri Lanka, International Research Symposium (IRSUWU2017) Uva Wellassa University
  3. T. Kirupananthan., P.Sivarajah (2014) Cost of Production of Cattle Farming by type of grazing and breed holdings in Eastern Region, Sri Lanka for SLCARP International Research Symposium, 2014
  4. T. Kirupananthan (2014) Home Gardens’ Economics at Households in Sri Lanka for proceedings of the Peradeniya University, International Research Sessions, Sri Lanka, 2014
  5. T.Kirupananthan and P.Sivarajah 2014 An Impact Assessment of Eastern Province Dairy Enhancement Project, Sri Lanka Book of Abstracts Eighth Annual Research Forum Sri Lanka Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA)
  6. T.Kirupananthan and K.Kunakeerthan 2014 An Analysis of Pesticide Usage in Paddy Farming in Eravur Pattu DS Division in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Book of Abstracts Eighth Annual Research Forum Sri Lanka Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA)
  7. T. Kirupananthan and P.Sivarajah 2013 Socio-Economic factors and milk quantity increase of dairy farmers in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka International Conference Eastern University(ICE 2013), Sri Lanka
  8. Tharsinithevy, K and Sivarajah, P. 2010 “Dairy keeping systems and factors affecting rearing of cross breeds in the Batticaloa District” presented for Fourth Annual Research Forum organized by Sri Lanka Agricultural Economics Association on 17th December 2010.
  9. Tharsinithevy, K and Sivarajah, P. 2010 “Structural and Market characteristics of Dairying in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka” presented for 9th Annual Research Session 17-18th December 2010, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

Articles appeared National Newspaper of Virakesari in Tamil Language:

  1. “Importance of public participation in millennium development goals” 08.03.06
  2. “Is waste Ash is an economic resource?” 12.05.06
  3.  “Necessity of women empowerment” 29.05.06
  4.  “Suitability of Pigeon pea cultivation in Batticaloa District” 19.04.06

Books of Scholarly Work published in the relevant field:

  1. T.Kirupananthan (2017) An Analysis of Poverty by Livelihood Approach ISBN 978-3-659-18742-1 LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2017-09-04)

Editing of Collections of Essays and Books:

Book of Abstracts/Undergraduate Research Forum-2014/Faculty of Agriculture edited by T.Kirupananthan and P.Sivarajah

Research Interest

  • Development economics: poverty, inequality and growth of region
  • Agricultural economics


  • Principles of Agricultural Economics
  • Basic Econometrics
  • Development Economics
  • Social Research Methodology
  • Farm Practice course: Rural Agricultural Work Experience


  • 7th Annual International Conference QQE 2017 (Qualitative and Quantitative Economics Research) BEST STUDENT PAPER: THARSINITHEVY KIRUPANANTHAN “Relationship Between Livelihood Assets and Economic Security of Poor Rural Households in Ampara District, Sri Lanka” GSTF 5th June 2017 Singapore
  • Scholarship awarded by Thailand international co-operation agency (TICA) and Colombo Plan to pursue Master Degree at Chiang Mai University, Thailand from June 2007 to June 2009

Positions Held

  • Head/Agricultural Economics
  • Academic Career Advisor/Faculty of Agriculture