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Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management

Board of Management


Prof. (Mrs).P.Premanandarajah 
Dean/Faculty of Agriculture


Prof. Thayamini H. Seran
Professor in Crop Science

Administrative Officer

Mrs. M.F.U. Safaya Rifath
Assistant Registrar / Faculty of Agriculture

Financial Officer

Assistant Bursar / Faculty of Agriculture

Ex-officio Members

  1. Prof. S Sutharsan  - Head / Dept. of Crop Science
  2. Dr. (Mrs). R.F.Niranjana - Head / Dept. of Agric. Biology
  3. Dr.M.S.M.Nafees- Head / Dept. of Animal Science
  4. Mrs.K. Thirumarpan- Head / Dept. of Agric. Economics
  5. Mrs. E.D.J.Prince - Head / Dept. of Agric. Engineering
  6. Mrs.A.Sugirthararn - Actg. Head / Dept. of Agric. Chemistry  

Appointed Member

Mr. R. Thivyatharsan
Senior Lecturer Gr I / Department of Agric. Engineering


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