AC 1101 Introductory Soil Science
AC 1201 Biochemistry

AC 2101 Properties and Appraisal of Soils
AC 2201 Food Science and Technology

AC 3101 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
AC 3102 Human Nutrition
AC 3201 Soil Management

AC 4101 Food Chemistry
AC 4102 Food Processing and Preservation
AC 4103 Food Microbiology
AC 4104 Fish Processing Technology
AC 4105 Postharvest Technology of Fruits and Vegetables
AC 4106 Applied Human Nutrition
AC 4107 Soil Chemistry
AC 4108 Soil Physics
AC 4109 Applied Soil-Plant-Microbes Interactions
AC 4110 Soil Fertility Evaluation and Management
AC 4111 Isotope in Soil Plant Nutrition