Head/ Coordinators

Heads of Departments

01. Senior Prof. (Mrs).T. Mahendran Head/Dept. of Agric. Chemistry
02. Dr. (Mrs). N. Rodney Fernando Head/Dept. of Agric. Biology
03. Dr. M. Pagthinathan Head/Dept. of Animal Science
04. Mrs. T. Kirupananthan Head/Dept. of Agric. Economics
05. Mr. M. Rajendran Head/Dept. of Agric. Engineering
06. Dr.(Mrs) K.D.Harris Head/Dept. of Crop Science



01. Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture (DSA) - Mr. S. Srikrishnah
02. Diploma in Animal Production Technology (DAPT) - Dr. M. Pagthinathan
03. Higher Degree Program (HDP) - Mr. M. Sugirtharan
04. Curriculum Revision Committee - Dr. (Mrs). P. Premanandarajah
05. BSc. In Nutrition and Dietetics (BND) - Mrs. A. Sugirtharan
06. Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) - Dr. M. M. Mahusoon
07. Staff Development Center (SDC) - Mr. S. Srikrishnah
08. Industrial Linkage Unit - Mr. M. Sugirtharan
09. External Degree Programme - Mr. M. Rajendran
10. Career Guidance Unit - Mr. M. Rajendran
11. Faculty News Letter - Mrs. A. Sugirtharan
12. Under Graduate Research Forum - Mr. M. Rajendran